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For the most part, my job as a coach is to help people make decisions. In this episode, I discuss why some people find it difficult to make decisions, how indecision is also a decision, and share some tips to make quick decisions so you can start generating momentum.Read More

In this episode, I discuss the difference between beliefs and expectations, how expectations are not serving you, as well as building a strong belief system.  Read More

In this episode, I discuss 3 reasons why you’re procrastinating and the solutions to that.  Read More

In this episode, I discuss the common habitual thoughts that keep people stuck, why it’s important to build empowering thought habits, and how to do that.  Read More

In this episode, I teach you why you need to develop the habit of challenging your thoughts, and two simple, powerful phrases/questions to help you with this process – “What if” and “So what”.  Read More

In this episode, I invited award-winning actor & filmmaker Lauren Sowa for a discussion on finding communities, handling stress, our favorite credits and experiences, as well as how learning on set helps you  Read More

Hey! I was very lucky to have invited casting director Jeffrey Dreisbach from McCorkle Casting for a guest episode. Read More

In this episode, I chatted with my mortgage broker Cynthia Frunzi on money: money mindset, debt, investing, and money mistakes (especially among creatives) Read More

In this episode, I share my insights about trauma, imposter syndrome, and the most effective way to embrace it: Celebration.  Read More

In this episode, I interviewed visual artist Nathalie Tierce about her work as a scenic designer for film/TV, colors and emotions, as well as balancing motherhood and her career as an artist. Read More

In this episode, I have the pleasure to invite Jim Jermanok to talk about networking in the entertainment industry and some of the biggest mistakes artists make.Read More

In this episode, award-winning VFX producer Zach Hamelton shares his journey of making a career in the film/tv industry, a cupcake business venture in his early years, Read More

In this episode, I talk about how to REALLY let go, which means you let go without holding onto any residual energy or thoughts.Read More

In this episode, I start with a recent experience of my pup Lucy’s first audition, and go on to talk about:Read More

In this episode, I’ve invited Nicola Rose, an award-winning filmmaker based in NYC (also a very good friend of mine), to share her journey and stories from transitioning fromRead More

In this episode, I discuss the WHY and HOW of starting before you’re ready and dig deep into the reasons why you’re stuck with inaction. Read More

How to find your creative gem? In this episode, I use my own story to give you tips and thoughts about finding your thing. Spoiler alert: Read More